Home Portraits


I love being home. I'm one of those "homebodies" you hear about. And I'm not the only one.


People fondly remember their childhood homes, they strive to own and stay in their homes, people cry when they move out of their homes, and they cry when they move into their homes. Songs are sung about home. There are magazines devoted to the home. One of the most recognized structures in the world is a (white) home. Our homes touch us. So, no surprise, people love paintings of their homes. They're frequently given as gifts - to a spouse, to kids, to parents, as wedding presents, as moving gifts.


As you may suspect by now, I love making Home Portraits, and would be happy to create one
for you. All you do is provide a photograph of the house, and I will create the portrait, right from my own home.

© 2017 Marian Nixon  - if you likey, I make one for you. If you copy, I not so nice.

Helpful Hints

• Marian's Decals are for use on smooth walls. They won't adhere to brick or stucco, or other textured surfaces.

• Wipe the surface with a slightly damp towel at least 2 hours prior to adhering decals.

• If you've recently painted, wait 3-4 weeks to apply decals.

• Marian's Decals are removable, but not necessarily re-usable.

• These decals are for indoor use only (they aren't weather-proof).

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