19D10 Dogs Cats LO

Dogs and Cats Galore! Hand-drawn animals waiting to appear on home decor, kids wall art, bed linens and more. Available for licensing.

04b19 floral
1a4 floral
1D51 floral
04b16 floral
04a08 hearts flowers
1d78 floral
1b28 floral
web 17Z71 Party Layers
web 17Z62 Modern Layers
web 17Z33 modern layers
19D03 Swirls on Blue LO

hand-drawn digital art. deep, rich colors lend themselves to fabric and other home decor items. available for licensing.

19D08 Orig Swirls Tile LO
web 17y52 Collage on Wood
19A68 Watercolor Rep LO
web 17y40 Watercolor Collage Mirror
web 17y11 paisley 10x15
web 17x63 Collage on Pool
web 17x29 Dots and Drops
web 17x55 Double Collage
web 17Z65 Layer Party
web 17C39 Love
19A69 Sweet Rep LO

collage on wood

web 17E73 Hearts

Digital Heart Pattern

web 17E70 Doggies

Digital (hand-drawn) Doggie Pattern

web 17Z85 Layered Dots
web 17w05 Double Dots
web 17w16 Dots Denim
16m26 wood stems 2 150
web 17D95 Watercolor on Wood10x15

Watercolor on Wood - mutil-media

web 17Z15 Watercolor Wood
web 17x06 Xmas
web 17x20 Xmas Joy
web 17C78 Holiday Geo
web 17C76 Flowers Large
web 17C90 Favorite Large
web 17A43 Floral Jungle LO
web 17B39 Mandala
 web17B40 Floral Pool
web 17D43 Fall Leaves
web 17D42 Thankful
web 17E48 Xmas

Holiday Pattern

web 17D88 Hip Holiday10x15
web 17E20 Red on Red
16f10 xmas 150
web 7B73 Xmas
16a24 blend 150
042016 h20 rep 8 150
16j10 swirl 150
16j33 grn blue swirl 150
16j15 swirl 150
16j31 neon swirl 150
16j01swirl 150
16b41 dark floral blend 150
16j06 fruit 3 150
16g25 layered watercolor 150
16g26 layered draw 150
16g24 floral wood 150
091515 Multi Collage 3 lo
050215 stripes lo
19A79 Blue Grn Rep LO
15_02 floral LOW
05B10_Nixon LOW
19D01 NYC Skyline LO
18H27 Let It Snow LO