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NBCSports and The Chicago Cubs

licensed one of my Wrigley Field Illustrations

for their Fan Appreciation Day Cards in July, 2018.

So thrilling to see 100s of people carrying my art

at the baseball game!

I love making art. Always have. When I was young, my dad was my supplier - he'd bring me pads of blank paper from his office to draw on. We lived in Evanston, IL which happened to be not far from the 2nd Crate & Barrel ever, in Wilmette. It was there I first saw and fell in love with Marimekko fabric. Being the 70s, we had Marimekko "unpaintings" everywhere, so I was always surrounded by pattern & color. Oh, and Steinberg prints. Everywhere you looked.


I spent summers at Tom Harris's "Art Camp". When Mr. Harris, who had a 36" diameter afro, closed his school a couple years back, I went to the closing sale, and some of my pieces were still on his wall, 30+ years later. He wouldn't let me buy them.


Today I am a commercial artist/pattern designer/product maker. I sell my prints and handmade art products here on the Shop! page, as well as on Etsy, and Amazon


I have 100s of patterns available for license (click on "Pattern" above to see a smattering) (I have many, many others) - florals, paisleys, geometrics, holiday, etc.... You'll see watercolor, collage, digital, and lots of combos of those.


My pug Murray is The Intern.

He works very, very hard.


We live in Chicago.