Wearable art products!
Gym shoes, t-shirts, hoodies, face masks and more - there's an option for nearly everyone. Gender-neutral, colorful accessories for all ages, shapes and sizes. And when shopping for creative gifts, remember the rules: one for them, one for you!
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Women's Shoes: https://mariannixon.threadless.com/womens/shoes
Men's Shoes: https://mariannixon.threadless.com/mens/shoes
Women's T-Shirts: https://mariannixon.threadless.com/womens/t-shirt/fitted
Men's T-Shirts: https://mariannixon.threadless.com/mens/t-shirt/extra-soft
Face Masks: https://mariannixon.threadless.com/accessories/face-mask/ultra-premium
Neck Gaiters: https://mariannixon.threadless.com/accessories/neck-gaiter
All of these products are available for purchase through my production partner, Threadless.
You can see more product options and shop by clicking here https://mariannixon.threadless.com/